Tree ghost tribe

Though you might have only recently arrived in civilized lands, you are no stranger to the values of cooperation and group effort when striving for supremacy. You learned these principles, and much more, as a member of an Uthgardt tribe. Your people have always tried to hold to the old ways.

Tradition and taboo have kept the Uthgardt strong while the kingdoms of others have collapsed into chaos and ruin. But for the last few generations, some bands among the tribes were tempted to settle, make peace, trade, and even to build towns. Perhaps this is why Uthgar chose to raise up the totems among the people as living embodiments of his power.

Perhaps they needed a reminder of who they were and from whence they came. The Chosen of Uthgar led bands back to the old ways, and most of your people abandoned the soft ways of civilization.

You might have grown up in one of the tribes that had decided to settle down, and now that they have abandoned that path, you find yourself adrift. Or you might come from a segment of the Uthgardt that adheres to tradition, but you seek to bring glory to your tribe by achieving great things as a formidable adventurer. See the "Uthgardt Tribes and Their Territories" section below for details on each tribe's territory and its activities that will help you choose your affiliation.

A hunting trap, a totemic token or set of tattoos marking your loyalty to Uthgar and your tribal totem, a set of traveler's clothes, and a pouch containing 10 gp. You might be a fair-haired barbarian of the Reghed, dwelling in the shadow of the Reghed Glacier in the far North near Icewind Dale. You might also be of the nomadic Rashemi, noted for their savage berserkers and their masked witches. Perhaps you hail from one of the wood elf tribes in the Chondalwood, or the magic-hating human tribes of the sweltering jungles of Chult.

For most Uthgardt tribes, the only stability in their history is the site of their ancestral mound. Most of the Uthgardt holy sites have existed since antiquity, but the fortunes of the tribes that revere them have hardly been static.

Following are brief descriptions of the Uthgardt tribes today. Blue Bear. The Blue Bears have reoccupied much of their old territory in the time since they returned to prominence, though they don't venture near Hellgate Keep, considering it a taboo place.

tree ghost tribe

Black Lion and Red Tiger. North of Blue Bear territory, in the Glimmering Wood, is Beorunna's Well, a settlement of some size that near the ancient ancestral mound of the Red Tiger tribe. The settlement was founded some time ago by members of the Black Lion tribe, who put down roots here rather than continuing to live as nomads.

Though the Red Tigers are less than comfortable with the present situation, they consider Beorunna's Well their holy site, so they make the best of things. Bands of Red Tiger tribespeople often winter in Beorunna's Well, and many of its hunters and trappers use the settlement as a place to sell the leather and furs they acquire in nearby forests. Sky Pony. These are a people divided; half of the tribe has settled and built a sizable steading around the One Stone, similar to what Black Lion has done at Beorunna's Well.

The other half of the tribe considers this act an insult to their totem, so they launch raids on the settlement, burning as much of it as they can and then escaping, often on pegasus-back. Tree Ghost. The Tree Ghosts split off from the Blue Bears long ago and all but disappeared into the forest, although occasional reports reach civilization that they are still alive and can sometimes be seen clustered around the Grandfather Tree.

Some sages postulate that the newly reborn Blue Bear tribe might well be Tree Ghost Uthgardt who are following a call from a revived Blue Bear totem. Great Worm. These Uthgardt are notoriously reclusive; it has been twenty years since the tribe has sent raiding parties out anywhere but against the ores of the Spine Mountains.

Black Raven. As forbidding as the Spine of the World Mountains they roam, the Black Ravens are fanatical in their adherence to the old Uthgardt ways. Ranging out from Raven Rock, their ancestral mound deep inside the mountains, they have been known to send raiding parties as far south as Silverymoon, but their most frequent targets are the caravans that come in and out of Mithral Hall.

Flint Rock in the midst of the Evermoors is the ancestral mound of the Elk tribe. The Elk were once prolific raiders, extending their reach even into Nesme and Mithral Hall, but the tribe was shattered a handful of decades past by the forces of those cities.

Though their numbers have replenished, the Elk remain mostly hunters and foragers. They are masters at avoiding or repulsing the threats of the Evermoors, and often hire themselves out as guides for outsiders.Homo sapiens first appeared a bit more thanyears ago in Africa and later spread worldwide, encountering other human species in Eurasia that have since gone extinct including the Neanderthals and the lesser-known Denisovans.

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For example, altitude adaptation in Tibetans was likely facilitated by a Denisovan introgressed gene. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. United States. Science News. Will Dunham.The adventurers, having braved the woods for three days, celebrated about the campfire with fresh game and a little friendly wagering, learning perhaps more than they all desired about their small-statured, city-dwelling companion, Vince, as he pocketed ….

They did not go undisturbed, however, as the vile manes assassins …. He explained to them that after the Lords of the Hunt engaged in the wanton slaughter of his people and their wolf kin, they …. As the adventurers neared the Grandfather Tree, they sent Qlahk ahead to scout out the area. Above the forest canopy, the Grandfather Tree loomed large, towering up into the clouds. But all was not well. Even from a distance, Qlahk …. Ragatha is the chieftain of the Tree Ghost tribe of the Uthgardts.

She, as her ancestors before her, has dedicated her life to protecting the trees High Forest. Since the treason of her shaman Utsaara, however, her whereabouts are unknown. JavaScript is currently disabled. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. You should check them out. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. The Shattered Pantheon.

Tree Ghost Tribe Uthgardt. I'm sorry, but we no longer support this web browser. Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site.The Grandfather Tree was an arakhoran elder form of treantwhich appeared as a monstrously large, gnarled oak tree located deep in the heart of the High Forest.

Around the tree are two rings of raised earth. The innermost ring has four normal-sized oak trees, healthy and mature, growing out of it. Beneath the outermost ring the bones of long-dead Uthgardt barbarians lay buried, most of them belonging to members of the Tree Ghost tribe. Before the Tree Ghosts settled near the tree there were a number of totem poles around it that had belonged to the Blue Bear tribe. Grandfather Tree had many natural and magical wards protecting it from evil.

The Grandfather Tree was considered hallowed ground to both the barbarian tribes of the north and other inhabitants of the High Forest, such as satyrs and wood elves. The tree was also considered sacred to a number of forest spirits, such as dryads and treants, and a number of deities. An Uthgardt tribe, the Blue Bears, also considered the Grandfather Tree sacred and the site of their ancestral mound. But they were banished by the tree's guardian spirits after becoming corrupted by Tanta Hagaraan evil annis who coveted the magic artifacts within the Hall of Mists and became the tribe's shaman to get closer to it.

She would take a piece of the tree with her and plant it to establish a new ancestral mound, Stone Stand. A significant number of Blue Bear tribesmen grew to reject the annis and splintered off into their own tribe, the Tree Ghosts, and both tribes would devote themselves to searching for their lost and abandoned ancestral mound.

This would lead them to forsaking their tribal allegiances and choose to live among the Tree Ghosts as pledged protectors of the tree. While there he partially buried a large electrum nose-ring, formerly belonging to a hill giant chief. At some point after DRthe Red Tiger tribe began searching for Grandfather Tree in hopes of laying claim to it themselves.

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Grandfather Tree

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Although the barbarian tribes of Uthgardt are composed of warriors, the true defenders are the Uthgardt Totem Berserkers. They receive benefits from his tribe totem and are always in the front line during battles guiding his tribe to the glory and true objectives his totem desires.

The tribe Shaman chose one warrior among the tribe, usually after some great battle, to be the conduit of the tribe totem spirit and the Guardian of the tribe.

This chosen warrior has to be a representative of the tribe's tradition and be able to enter in Rage at least twice a day. The shaman ritual of attuning his soul with the totem requires a whole day during which the chosen warrior reaches to the spirit through his rage and later bounding the spirit in another rage thus becoming an Uthgardt Totem Berserker.

tree ghost tribe

The Uthgardt Barbarians are a black-haired, blue-eyed people divided into ten great clans. Some wander the North as nomads, while others live in permanent settlements. They are related to the Northlanders of Ruathym and speak a dialect of Illuskan.

tree ghost tribe

The Uthgardt have little love for southerners and civilized folk. The Uthgardt generally revere Uthgar as their chief diety. All the Uthgardt tribes hate orcs to the extent that they even ally with non-Uthgardt against them.

No Uthgardt barbarian tribe will knowingly cut down a living tree. Barbarians of the Uthgardt tribes pursues became a Uthgardt Totem Berserker to improve their combat capabilities and attune with his tribe way of life. Although barbarians are required because of the Rage ability, multiclass with Ranger or Druid are also common.

Barbarian Abilities : An Uthgardt Totem Berserker continues to gain rage and its benefits, as if they were leveling in barbarian, including the improvements to the bonuses of rage and the number of rages per day.

Uthgardt Totem Berseker (3.5e Prestige Class)

They may also add their Uthgardt Totem Berserker levels to their barbarian levels to determine the effectiveness of their Improved Uncanny Dodge if they possess it it does not however grant it to a creature who lacks Improved Uncanny Dodge. This bonus stacks with other dodge bonus to AC. Ritual Enemy : Each tribe have a favored enemy that have acquired during centuries of struggle and combat. The knowledge of that enemy is transmitted to the tribe through oral tradition and is the Uthgardt Totem Berserker responsibility to know better the enemies and protect the tribe.

Totem Power : The link with the Totem Spirit infuses with the barbarian body empowering him during Rage. This bonus stacks with the Rage bonus of the barbarian class. Totem Protection Aura : During Rage, the totem spirit surround the barbarian with an protection aura that protects him from harm granting a Damage Reduction that can stack with the damage reduction from the barbarian class.

Ultimate Bond : The link with the Totem Spirit became even greater granting an special benefit. Uthgardt Totem Spirit Bond : Being chosen by the tribe Shaman grants the sacred link to the tribes spirit and with it its benefits, depending of the animal linked.

Resources: Have a powerful influence on his tribe members being considered a honored warrior and a great leader just below the tribe Chief and the tribe Shaman. This mighty barbarians are the elite warriors of the Uthgardt tribes and are often traveling on sacred missions of his tribe.

These sacred missions some times are about sacking and plunder as the barbarians are often dedicated to sack cities, caravans, capturing enemies and selling them as slaves.By Darren Boyle for MailOnline. It's thought that untilthe mysterious Korowai tribe of south eastern Papua, Indonesian New Guinea, were unaware of the existence of any other people on earth. Living as remotely as they do - perched up in the canopy of the least explored jungles in the world - it's quite plausible.

The tribe are known for their distinctive treehouses that tower over the jungle on spindly stilts, originally designed to avoid attacks from rival clans intent on capturing people for slavery or even cannibalism.

tree ghost tribe

The Korowai people of west Papua in the Indonesian province of Papua never met outsiders until the s. The tribe were accused of cannibalism although there is no firm evidence of them eating human flesh.

Instead, the tribe, who live in trees more than 30 feet in the sky, are known to eat larvae scavenged from the forest. The candid photographs were taken by photographer Eric Baccega as he visited the tribe.

The Korowai adhere to age old tradition, sharing myths, folktales, sayings and charms to this day, and believe that their dead ancestors can return to land of the living at any time. Some clans are said to fear Westerners, having never seen them, and outsiders are called ' ghost demons'. The first documented contact with the Western world was when a group of scientists met with members of one clan in March, The crew claimed that they were approached by a man who told them his six-year old nephew had been accused of being a witch doctor and was in danger of being cannibalised.

In an article for Smithsonian, Raffaele said: 'Korowai are among the very few tribes believed to eat human flesh. Some are said to kill and eat male witches they call "khakhua". Anthropologists suspect that cannibalism is no longer practised by the Korowai clans. The majority of the Korowai continue to live in tree houses although some have moved into villages. The Korowai are primarily hunter-gatherers although they also practice shifting cultivation and are excellent fishermen.

The tribe go about their daily business without wearing any clothes using basic weapons to kill their food. The tribe cut 'steps into the poles leading up to their home to make it slightly easier to clamber up the tree. Despite living in a wooden house, built at the top of a tree, the tribe use fire for heating and cooking.

These images were taken 17 years ago by photographer Eric Baccega as he visited the isolated tribe. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: The Korowai tribe who live in tree houses in Indonesia e-mail 7. Leave them alone please by Mr Noodle


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