Turbohud maphack

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Community Creations Share and discuss artwork, cosplay, videos, streams, and other Diablo fan creations. Items and Crafting Pore over the magical properties of swords, helms, amulets, rings, and more. Hardcore Those brave enough to risk permanent death discuss strategy and honor the fallen.

Barbarian Leap into the fray of this whirlwind discussion on barbarian tactics and builds. Crusader Don your heavy armor and raise your shield in this discussion of crusader tactics and builds. Demon Hunter Hold back your hatred and lay down your bow before discussing demon hunter tactics and builds. Monk Maintain your stoic resolve as you enter this sanctuary of monk tactics and builds.

Diablo 3 Game Map

Necromancer Master the powers of blood and bone and discuss dark arts with fellow Priests of Rathma. Witch Doctor Work your verbal voodoo and summon the finer points of which doctor tactics and builds. Wizard Teleport in and lend your intellect to this discussion of wizard tactics and builds. Bug Report Find an in-game bug? Help us squash it by reporting it here!

Report it here!Log in or Sign up. The Buddy Forum. Does any plugin dev know if the damage numbers of floating text or elsewhere are available in DB? If so, would it be possible to create a realtime DPS tracker which could also track other things, such as damage taken to know the real effectiveness of a build. This could be used both to know effective builds for the bot and even turning off the bot and playing by hand to know how good a build is, with true effective data for realtime, over a minute, over a run, etc.

Last edited: Apr 28, EonasApr 28, CheckOut TurboHud I hope its allowed to post the link here. Home TurboHUD. Last release of turbo hud. So not usable anymore after patch. ThrukkMay 28, I use version Last edited: May 28, This HUD was bloody awesome- Its still working atm but as of next patch that will be the end of it.

I was hoping he was going to release the source but looks like that wont happen either.

[D3] TurboHUD Overlay Explained. Is it cheating?

ThecamelMay 28, Yeh I am going to miss this plugin as well. Addons are what made diablo fun. I found a copy, tried it didnt work with steam in home streaming sadly, but it did look really nice on the host comp. Hope something like it pops up again. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

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Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

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Diablo 3 Discussion Thread. Thread starter xenios Start date May 1, Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev of Go to page.

MrSteel74 [H]ard Gawd. Joined Nov 17, Messages 1, HeavensCloud said:. Has anyone built a successful LON thorns Crusader this season?You must register to post or download hacks. Follow MPGH.

turbohud maphack

Remember Me? Thread: Enigma. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of The program is compiled as bit and supports only bit D3 client. Attached Thumbnails. Its safe? Anyone tested? Usable with TH? Someone have tested it? This doesn't work for me at all.

It keeps saying it's waiting for a D3 process. You should note that you didn't make this No it doesn't work. It needs to be updated to the newest Diablo 3 client version. Usually Enigma updates the assemblies. You should clone the github, compile and it should work. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Replies: 5 Last Post:AM. Replies: Last Post:PM. Replies: 23 Last Post:AM. Replies: 15 Last Post:AM. Replies: 10 Last Post:AM. All times are GMT Discussion in ' Trinity ' started by rrrixApr 15, Log in or Sign up.

The Buddy Forum. Trinity 2. Credits to xz jv. Give him your money!! Inventory fix Re-added regular potion fix D3 2. MinNonBleedMobCount to adjust! I suggest you use it to get the updates for Barbarian 2. Last edited: Apr 16, Hope it works. Going to try it on the other profiles that have been working and post my results.

BotExploit now supports Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls ROS!

PuertokeeApr 15, Well rrrix v 2. And seems act 1 isnt working with 2. Also monk dashing strike really sucks with this one. XenetronApr 15, Well maybe 2. Has 2. ThrukkApr 15, DH shots the other directions to monsters Impulse12Apr 15, It's not clicking on the window the one with time spent to complete the rift after a Greater Rift has been completed.

Last edited: Apr 15, DirardApr 15, View attachment Not sure what else I can do AcpsApr 15, You start botting with auto equip enabled, then you go to bed and wake up in the morning the next day. Your character is already level Look at this tutorial for more details.

We have lots of profiles!

It’s a Celebration!

We have profiles for Act 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! You can also write your own profile! Speed Hack Function Specially designed to allow you minimum effort to generate at least 3 times more gold then existing bot on the market and super fast leveling time. First choice feature for Gold Farmers.

turbohud maphack

Blizzard has no way to detect us. With this resource optimization feature, you can easily set up your computer to run 70 Diablo 3 accounts computer specification dependent. Settings are also available to allow players to choose what items to not identify and stash them. You can even modify the loot file rules yourselves. Farming in a group will increase the drop rate and experience gained. Increases the legendaries per hour by 4 times! Video of Group farming.

Please purchase 2 license if you want to bot two accounts at the same time.

turbohud maphack

We provide fastest update! We support Diablo 3 2. Our updates come very quickly, usually within one or two days after the game updates. We are faster than all of our competitors! We value your suggestions. When you have a good idea about how the bot should fight in Diablo 3 ROS, loot and farm to get the valuable items to sell. We support our users through email and forum. We provide quick feedback and solutions to your problems.

Be assured that we will continuously improve our bot and come out with regular patches for you to enjoy better botting experience.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account?

turbohud maphack

Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 3 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts AM. Thread: Season Last Jump to page:. Originally Posted by Puupi. No one wants to choose. Everyone wants everything. Reply With Quote. Making a Necro but I always stop after the basic rewards. Originally Posted by Coldkil. I think yes, just it's a bannable offense not because of the overlay but because of the maphack and there's been ban waves already for it.

Originally Posted by derpkitteh. It's season, then. Man can do what he wills but he cannot will what he wills. It made the game so much better. Diablo 3 servers are busy Is what i got when i could not join a game and it automatically tried to create a public one, guess plenty are rushing again.

Well, it provided unfair advantage and it's against the TOS, so it didn't exactly made it better. Also, it's still there to use if you want. However, while i think it has a lot of redundant and useless stuff i tried it for a while before getting away from it because holy fuck the clutter there are defintely quite a binch of things that should be in the default UI and i think why Blizzard didn't implement those. I mean, they're freaking tooltips.

Timers for buffs, telegraphs for some explosions when there are million mobs on the screen and most importantly the map. All huge quality of life improvements. It's just an addon, comparable to WoW addons. Yes, they give you unfair advantage over a person who isn't using those addons, but that's why they are around - to improve the half-assed GUI Blizzard has made.

Originally Posted by Kontinuum. Wastes is meh. Tal Rasha and Helltooth are great, UE is pretty good too. For some reason Christian Post has an article about S Currently playing Path of Exile: Delirium! I got an issue. Game in fullscreen windowed and it's like this: The Windows panel stays at the bottom. Are there addons for D3 that aren't bannable? I just started playing, and hadn't come across anything like that yet. Originally Posted by Kokolums.


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