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A generation of school kids can repeat back D. Study after study has shown that D. Most analyses have found that it has little to no impact on reducing drug use -- and one study even showed that use increased. Another favorite program, Scared Straight, which pulls at-risk kids off the streets and puts them in prison for a day, has also been found to be ineffective. The idea behind the program is to show kids what life behind bars would be like -- to, in effect, scare them straight.

It seemed like such a good idea. A documentary on the program won both an Emmy and an Oscar. Still, many state governments doggedly stuck with the program until the Justice Department warned they could lose federal funding if they remained committed to something that the evidence proved was ineffective. Today, South Carolina alone still has a version of a Scared Straight program.

The federal Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking has been campaigning to bring more -- and better -- analysis to policy decisions.

RCTs produced the findings on D. As a result, many local government officials get sucked into programs backed by strong constituencies but that offer no evidence of effectiveness. For example, Kansas City, Kan. Its local government staff fanned out across the internet and, armed with the results of Google searches, dug up efforts in other cities such as Baltimore, Mobile, Ala.

But after they put the results through a filter -- Did any of these ideas seem to make sense for Kansas City? It can help them avoid the D. In an emergency, government must convince people it knows best for them. That's easier said than done. Its problems didn't start with Trump, but he ironically may be helping to turn some of them around. This website uses cookies in order to offer you the most relevant information. Programs Like D. There's a better way for governments to focus on effective initiatives.

June By Donald F. Donald F.The original Scared Straight program took place in the 70's and the reports about the success of the original program appear to be a little negative. It would be interesting to see a more recent study about the new Beyond Scared Straight program currently airing. The original series from Rahway State Prison in New Jersey, and the studies shown were done in the 70's and 80's. There have been similar programs attempted with similar results.

One program held in the state of Nevada went as far as to have the participants undergo some pretty degrading activities, including a strip search. Studies of the effectiveness for these programs are available online and can be found at Djj. It would be interesting to see results on the younger children taken to the facilities. With children beginning to act out at younger and younger ages, studying the effects of a program on the younger children may produce different results.

With the results of the original scared straight program leaning more toward the negative side of the scales it is interesting that the show would come back 40 years after it originally aired.

It is hard for most sensible people to understand how a traumatic experience like that can lead to more teens returning than those without the experience. It may be that children are already beyond saving, at least from the standpoint of the Beyond Scared Straight Program? There are troubled teen programs and boarding schools that have good success helping youth in these age ranges.

In viewing the Beyond Scared Straight program it seems like the younger kids are more deeply impacted by the event. Perhaps a study on the recidivism of younger children would be in order?

Maybe one has been done? We were only able to find studies most of which were at least 10 years old, that had been done. Any avenue that can help prevent a child from entering the juvenile and eventually the adult prison system should be carefully examined. The mouthy teen would first be brought on the set and was allowed to disrespect everyone all the while being booed by the audience.

Then the "hero", the intimidating drill sergeant would enter the picture and immediately get in the face of the defiant teen. This of course brought cheers from the audience. Video clips of the teens daily routine were taken during their bootcamp experience. The following week the clips would be shown and the newly "reformed" teen would apologize to their parent. The problem with this type of option was the fact that most of the teens shortly returned to their old habits, and the boot camp experience was soon forgotten.

Do you have an Aetna PPO insurance plan? Or is your child adopted from California? If so, you may qualify for financial assistance. Contact us today. Scared Straight and Beyond Scared Straight The original Scared Straight program took place in the 70's and the reports about the success of the original program appear to be a little negative.

Scared Straight Controversy With the results of the original scared straight program leaning more toward the negative side of the scales it is interesting that the show would come back 40 years after it originally aired. Weekend Boot Camps 15 years ago a trend in daytime television spawned a group of boot camps that were designed to change teen virtually over night.

New Posts Parent gives his thoughts about teen boot campsScared Straight! Narrated by Peter Falkthe subject of the documentary is a group of juvenile delinquents and their three-hour session with actual convicts. Filmed at Rahway State Prisona group of inmates known as the "lifers" berate, scream at, and terrify the young offenders in an attempt to "scare them straight" hence the film's titleso that those teenagers will avoid prison life.

The documentary aired on television in the late s, uncensored; it marked the first time that the profane words " fuck " and " shit " were broadcast on many networks. Some broadcasters an example being CFQCa CTV Network affiliate in Canada added locally produced segments in which experts discussed both the content of the documentary and the rationale behind airing it uncensored.

It found that most of the participants did not reoffend. However, studies that compared and evaluated the effects of various Scared Straight programs against a control group have concluded that they are not effective at deterring crime. Teenagers in this documentary and the sequel, Scared Straight! Another Storyranged from to year-old repeat offenders of crimes ranging from petty theft and public intoxication to gamblingcounterfeitingand racketeering.

The producers asked for a range of youth that came from poor inner-city neighborhoods to the affluent suburbs of New York City. The "Lifers" featured in the film were primarily convicted of murder, while others were in for armed robbery, and some committed both.

At film's end, the teenagers say that they have decided that they don't want to end up in jail. The film ends with a "roll call" of the teens, revealing that most were "scared straight", though a few were said to have reoffended.

Scared Straight and Beyond Scared Straight

As a result of the film, many states introduced "scared straight" programs in an attempt to rehabilitate young delinquents. See Criticism section below. The original Scared Straight! Another Story[2] Scared Straight!

Beyond Scared Straight is about transforming the lives of young people through intervention and second chances. Twice right after, still at the age of 17 and 18, and then about five years ago, I did fifteen days in the county jail for disorderly conduct. In AprilJames Finckenauer, a professor of the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice, began a test of the Scared Straight program, using a control groupsomething that had not been done previously.

A meta-analysis of the results of a number of Scared Straight and similar programs found that they actively increased crime rates and lead to higher re-offense rates compared to control groups that did not receive the intervention.

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When constructing your pages, you can use the Beaver page builder plugin. You can download and use the lite version at no cost.Scared straight programs and boot camps for kids can do more harm than good. Wilderness therapy programs like Outback Therapeutic Expeditions are a better alternative and are NOT the same as a scared straight program or a boot camp for kids.

Outback is a wilderness therapy program for teens.

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions

Outback helps youth reassess their life choices and learn the skills necessary to make better choices in the future. Boot camps for troubled youth exist to punish children into submission. The philosophy of boot camp for kids is that young people should already know the difference between good and bad behavior and have the social and emotional skills needed to become successful young adults.

These camps assume that teens only act out because they were not punished enough. This is the idea behind boot camp for teenagers. Although there may be slight differences in how a boot camp for boys and a boot camp for girls are run, the general idea is the same. It is not like boot camps for girls go any easier on their attendees than the boot camps for boys do.

Both are harsh experiences for teens to live through. Scared straight programs increase the harshness of boot camps for teens.

In the eyes of someone who runs a scared straight program, boot camps for teenagers do not go far enough in their punishment. While boot camps for teens punish attendees for acting badly, scared straight programs punish kids to instill a fear of coming back. Many people in school districts and in law enforcement ie.

There is a noteworthy problem with boot camps for teenagers, and other youth boot camp programs like scared straight camps. Fear, pain, and punishment are poor motivators for long term change. Most youth boot camp programs for boys and girls end up encouraging teens to hide bad behaviors instead of changing them.

When a kids boot camp is seen as a punishment, rather than a way to effect change, they are more likely to hide mistakes instead of improving themselves. Teens make mistakes and that does not change because they attended a youth boot camp. If camp is a punishment, instead of cultivating a sense of responsibility, it incentivizes teens to hide future mistakes. Wilderness therapy programs are different from the other boot camps for kids.

The philosophy behind wilderness therapy is to help teach teens the coping mechanisms and social skills necessary to affect change in their own lives. Unlike boot camps for kids, wilderness therapy programs like Outback do not punish kids, but rather, teach them new life skills that will improve their mental health. Teens are placed into wilderness groups where they hike, do therapy assignments, learn primitive survival skills, play games, maintain the campsite, complete group initiatives and study the wilderness.

It is while doing all this that the teens learn how to interact with one another and solve problems on their own as well as in a group. Therapy helps them work on the problems they had before camp. Teens can draw parallels between what they are learning at camp and what they need to do when they return home. This is the main difference between wilderness therapy and the typical boot camp for troubled teens. Boot camps do not focus on teaching troubled teens how to act. Unlike these boot camps for troubled teens, wilderness therapy programs assume that these teens need help.

It is hard being a teenager. Physical, mental, emotional, and social changes happen at a rapid rate. Especially when coupled with lightning-fast social media notifications. It is easy for teens to lose their way and make mistakes. Wilderness therapy programs like Outback help teens unplug from all that and focus on themselves.

Out in the wilderness. With other teens in the same situation. All while under the stewardship of a certified counselor. The person who benefits the most from wilderness therapy is the teen.As prisons across the nation face issues of overcrowding, one local program called Scared Straight and After Care aims to mitigate the problem by teaching teens who display problematic behavior what a life behind bars is really like in hopes of encouraging them to make better choices.

The program held its second tour of Southern Regional Jail Friday to give 11 attending teens a taste of what a life as an inmate would be. Twila Cooper, director of the program which partners with the jail, explained exactly what services the program provides. She said Scared Straight targets boys and girls ages 12 to 18, who are exhibiting unruly or criminal behavior. Not only does the program give each student an inside look at how their life could end up, but it provides after-care services to seek out the problem at its core.

She said that children can act out for a variety of reasons. Some of the students who participate have been involved with serious crimes, she said. SRJ administrator Vicki Greene said the facility is happy to provide a helping hand in this cause and hopes to build a strong partnership with the new program. For more information, contact Cooper at or by e-mail at ssacwv gmail.

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